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3 AM wake up call....CHECK; lets dogs outside for morning potty break at overnight home....CHECK; drive home with dogs in back seat and one keep nudging my shoulder and snorting....CHECK; get home and let out dogs for morning potty break....CHECK;  plug in coffee IV into arm and set it to rocket blast....CHECK! CHECK! and DOUBLE CHECK!! sit at computer trying to wake up....CHECK.  Give morning breakfast to dogs, pig, ferrets, and bird((as needed))....CHECK.  Another day begins......CHECK.  WHOOT!!!

My buddy BAUER left me for the last time yesterday((:::sniff, sniff, cry, cry:::)) to make his new adventure with his family cross country to his new home on the East Coast.  Prayers and positive energy for all to arrive there safe and sound!  You will be greatly missed BAUER.  It has been a pleasure having you as part of our family!!!!

I welcome some new additions to the EverythingFurryPlus, "Pack"
GEORGE and his brother, BODIE who really enjoy riding in the car with "auntie" to visit and play with BAUER((before he left)), GATOR,  and the rest of the crew.  They even enjoy playing with TOBY the piggy((at least they consider him walking bacon)).  The two older dogs, FRED and ANGIE stay at their own home and enjoy not being bothered by young dogs bugging them.  SHERMAN, is really putting on a "show" for ZOEY, and ZOEY is just not giving him any attention.  All in all everyone is enjoying everyone.  YEAH!

Then comes the 7 AM, 8 AM((with meds)), NOON, 2 PM((with meds)), 3 PM((with short walk)), 7 PM, 8 PM various pet checks, including the overnight ones. Lots of driving these past few days.   In-between all the checks, we have potty breaks, and lots of playtime and attention.  Of course on top of all this, I still manage to vaccum, wash/dry/fold laundry, wash floors/crates if needed.  WHEW.  Needless to say...the day flies by and before I know it...the routine starts again.   This is the GOOD kind of stress.  No complaints.  

Each and every day, I give thanks to GOD for all that is and all that shall come to pass. HE has taught me patience((which is really hard for me to do)), be flexible((in more ways than one-get your minds outta the gutter)), and above all TRUST IN HIM, that all things shall be as they should be, when it is suppose to be.  AMEN!


~Tina Bailey~
~EVerythingFurryPlus, LLC~

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Well time is winding down before BAUER, one of my first customers I have had since I opened over 3 years ago, is leaving me for a new East Coast adventure! Currently he is spending his last days with "Auntie" Tina and "Uncle Dave" enjoying playing with JAX, RIDER, GATOR, my own fur-babies, and of course TOBY the piggy too! I will miss BAUER as I do all my furry-customers who have transferred or moved away. All of them will remain in my heart forever and beyond.

BAUER and RYDER really love wrestling each other both indoors((not much room for that since BAURE is a Great Dane and takes up a lot of room...LOL)) and especially outdoors...even in the current wet/rainy weather we are experiencing the last couple of days. RYDER, has even taken it upon himself to be BAUER's groomer by cleaning his ears((ewwwww))). JAX on the other hand, has really taken an interest in ZOEY and PRECIOUS. However, unfortunately neither ZOEY nor PRECIOUS are not paying any attention or time to JAX. Awwwwwwww poor JAX...left out in the cold by the girls once again.

FERBIE is about to receive her next HOSPICE assignment later this month when I am not so busy. Looks like we will be visiting a patient and hopefully more people in general at the Retsil Veterans Retirement Home in Port Orchard((which we have already applied to work with anyway)). I am sure she is looking forward, as am I, to bring joy, laughter, and smiles to those in need.

In Poulsbo, I am looking after (4) dogs: (2) very young labs, and (2) older shephard mixes((I think)). My morning now start at 3AM and end around 9-10 PM. WHEW. I think I am going to need an extra Coffe IV for the next 20 days. LOL. 

Each and every day, I give thanks to our LORD GOD for allowing me to touch and be touched daily by HIS precious creatures of this world. Dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, goats, pot-belly pigs and more. My only regret is that I didn't do this from the age of walking!

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If only I could turn back the hands of time 40 years with the knowledge I have gained in the last three years, who knows how much further I would have come or how many MORE pets I could help? What have been the three factors? Of course the first one is PASSION; I would have to say the second one is EXPERIENCE; and the most important one((which myself and everyone else ALWAYS could use more of)) is TRAINING((by a professional))!

I have observed over the last three years since I started my pet sitting/service, how much "training" is really important for owners and their pets. With the vast amount of information via social media there is NO EXCUSE for owners NOT to be able to change an unwanted behavior in their dog or cat. Even just reading, or taking (1) class from a professional trainer will make all the difference in the world; all you really need is to make TIME and EFFORT, and the rest is easy. Training classes not only teaches your pet your expectations, it also teaches the owner to better observe behavior-which is the "language" of all animals((i.e. english)). Many places offer classes at inexpensive to expensive rates.


Training classes are especially IMPORTANT for puppies, and young dogs, but are NOT limited to any specific age. Although older dogs can be more of a challenge, it is NOT impossible. No longer is the excuse made: "they are too old to learn," "that is just the way they are"

Taking the EFFORT and TIME is a WIN-WIN situation for both you and your pet!!! The end result is ALWAYS positive provided, you as an owner, does not let yourself nor the pet revert to old habits.

-New better insight to understanding dog and cat behavior
-Keeping your pet, especially puppies and young dogs, engaged into positive behavior vs negative behavior which can develop out of boredom
-Fun experience for yourself and your pet which the entire family can learn and benefit from
-Changing unwanted behavior/habits into success
-Learning something new...challenge yourself as well as your pet
-Reduce the chances of dog fights
-Recognizing illness, injury, depression, etc. ((again body language))
-and the list goes on

Sooooo with that said, I would like to put out a challenge to "you" the reader of this, take just ONE class before this year is complete. I will also challenge myself to do the same!!! You can take a class with or without your pet depending on what type interested in. I want to learn more....don't you?

Good luck and have fun!


~Tina Bailey~
~EverythingFurryPlus, LLC~

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14 APR 2014- WALKING EQUIPMENT((i.e Leashes)) are becoming more and more mandatory whenever you dog is outside their own home/yard. Using leashes PROPERLY reduces the chance the dog will run away, get in a fight with another dog, hurt another person, etc. 

Choosing the proper type of walking equipment((Leash)) for you and your dog can lead to a wonderful walk without the dog pulling, or being distracted by other things around them. Sometimes an owner will have to TRY DIFFERENT((i.e. invest)) types of leashes until the correct one is found.

How Do I Choose?

SLIP COLLAR: For dogs with issues on the walk, this can be a great tool for correcting misbehaviors. If your dog is easily distracted by squirrels, other dogs, or just a strong gust of wind, the collar allows for quick corrections to get your dog back on track.

ILLUSION COLLAR: The Illusion Collar helps keep the slip collar at the top of the neck, which is the most sensitive part of the neck; your dog will be more sensitive to your movements and react to what you are trying to communicate. Keep your dog's head up.

FLAT BUCKLE OR SNAP COLLAR: This is a collar that just goes around the neck of the dog/cat. Positive: can attach ID/Rabies tags; can wear all the time; Negative: When pulling, puts strain on throat/tracheal which could cause damage; can slip out of

HEAD HALTER/GENTLE LEADER: This is a collar that goes around the muzzle. Positive: effective to eliminate or reduce pulling. Negative: need to acclimate your dog to the device; some dogs will paw off device; if not fitted properly can cause rub area's on snout

HARNESS WITH RING ON CHEST((FRONT)): Positive: reduces pulling; Negative: can be complicated to put on/take off; some dogs will STILL pull with device on; must be fitted

HARNESS WITH RING ON BACK: Positive: Good for small dogs; no pressure on tracheal; Negative: can increase the need to pull

COKE CHAIN: Positive: 0 Negative: Can cause tracheal damage, coughing, pain; may attribute to behavior issues such as fear and aggression.

PRONG COLLAR: Positive: Very effective when PROPERLY used; Negative: Can cause pain; must be fitted correctly to prevent damage; NEVER leave on 24hrs/day; may contribute to behavior issues such as fear and aggression.

LEASHES which come in FABRIC, LEATHER((4-6 feet lenghts)), chain((for those dogs who chew the other type)), retractable-which can be dangerous to both owner and pet if not used properly, long-line that may range from 10-30 feet.((these can get easily tangled around posts, bushes, trees, etc.)) frequent checks on welfare of dog IS REQUIRED.

I hope some of this information helps those who have trouble walking their dogs on leashes due to constant pulling. Take a class, talk to different people who use different types of devices, educated yourself to educate your furry family member.


<![CDATA[STARTING MAY, HOPE TO ADD STORIES"LIFE WITH BOARDING DOGS AND MORE"]]>Wed, 16 Apr 2014 15:53:06 GMThttp://everythingfurryplus.weebly.com/blog/starting-may-hope-to-add-storieslife-with-boarding-dogs-and-moreI am not much of a "blogger", but I am trying and would like to add to my "blog" page occasional stories I write on my FB page under the heading "LIFE WITH BOARDING DOGS AND MORE."  These stories ARE true, fun, positive, and hopefully entertaining.  There is NO set time, day when I write them due to the fact it depends on when, how many, and how long boarding dogs will be staying with me.  Stay tuned to be entertained either here, or especially on my FB page:  Tina Bailey((seabeck washington)) with my business page attached:  EverythingFurryPlus, LLC.  Hope to see you there!

~Tina Bailey~
~EverythingFurryPlus, LLC~
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13 APR 2014 - EXERCISE

Simply put, just like humans, animals- especially dogs/cats- need regular exercise to combat:  excess weight, BOREDOM((which leads to behavior issues)), rehab after injury/surgery((as recommended by vet)), etc.

- Walks
- Going to the beach
- Hikes
- Treadmills((primarily used when adverse weather conditions prevent going outside))
-Going to dog parks **BEWARE/BE VIGILANT** there is an increase of people tossing poisoned meat/treats or food with hooks in them at dog parks
-Playing in the back yard
-Having another dog to play with
- Lazers for both cats/dogs((do NOT shine in their eyes))

PLEASE do not consider exercising your pet as a chore, hard, or a negative burden; but instead a positive, healthy method to become more bonded with your furry family member, and even become more healthy for yourself in a fun and exciting way!!  


~Tina Bailey~
~EverythingFurryPlus, LLC~

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There are 3 levels of Pet Massage:

The intent of the maintenance massage is to help a healthy pet stay at a specific level of work for as long and safely as possible.  Typical maintenance massage schedule is 1-2 times per month and are designed for an individual's needs and budgets.  In addition, maintenance massage is the most common and the most valuable.

The intent of performance massage is to optimize current performance while assisting the animal in reaching the next level of proficiency in movement.  Performance massage is usually 3-4 sessions per month or dictated by competition schedule and requires a higher degree of proficiency  or may require a wider range of modalities tailored to needs.

The intent of rehab massage is to aid the body in reaching a state of physical equilibrium that will facilitate natural healing or complement a treatment program initiated by a veterinarian.  This massage level may simply relieve boredom and tension for an animal on restricted rest.  Rehabilitation massage requires the highest degree of proficiency and has an intensive sessions ranging from daily to every 3-5 days.

Massage STROKES are broken down as:
-Passive Touch
-Petrissage which is further broken down to:
 *One handed
 *Two handed
 *Open/Closed "C"
-Friction which is further broken down to:
 *Direct pressure
 *Skin Rolling
-Tapotement which is further broken down to:
-Nerve Strokes which is further broken down to:
-Gymnastic Strokes which is further broken down to:

As you can see from a HOLISTIC point, there are many factors when conducting a Pet Massage Session which can and will benefit your pets health!

GOD BLESS and PAW massage ^5

~Tina Bailey~
~EverythingFurryPlus, LLC~

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11 APR 2014- PET MASSAGE((Part I))

Although this technique has been around for 20+ years, STILL many people are NOT aware of the HUGE benefits this can provide for their fur-babies.  Sometimes, massage therapy can help when traditional vet medicines/procedures/etc. does not.  Not only is pet massage available to cats and dogs, it is for horses too!

- Removal of metabolic waste products
-release of natural occurring endorphins 
-lengthening muscle fibers
-improved immune function
-early detection of chronic conditions
-improved muscle memory and neural function
-disruption of poor postural habits
-stimulating localized circulation
-decrease localized inflammation ((w/o drugs))
-stimulating parasympathetic nervous system
-increase cellular activity and metabolism
-assist in promotion of healthy scar tissue formation to encourage flexibility and stability

This is a holistic approach to maintain and help pets to be the best they can be in regards to overall health.  The cost of a pet message costs less than getting your nails and hair done, or even a human massage for the same amount of time.  Pet massage is a positive way to address several issues stemming from medical to behavior, and assists by shorten the healing process after surgery.

-decrease muscular tension
-improve work efficiency((drug/bomb, show, agility competition, etc))
-increase flexibility
-decrease issues associated with arthritis 
-physical and physiological advantages
-great for circulatory, digestive, muscle, nervous, respiratory, lymphatic, skin((integumentary)), and even skeletal

I HIGHLY recommend trying PET MASSAGE for your fur-children! Its fun, its relaxing((once they get use to the routine)), its healthy, its something great to do for your pet!!!


~Tina Bailey~
~EverythingFurryPlus, LLC~

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10 APR 2014- WEATHER

Basically this is common sense combined with compassion.

Humans MUST GET IT THROUGH THEIR THICK SKULLS, what is comfortable to them((i.e. 78 degrees out)) can be DEADLY TO DOGS left in a car where the temperature can QUICKLY SOAR from 100 - 120 degrees. EVEN WITH THE WINDOWS "CRACKED" it is NOT enough to help keep the dogs cool.

What to do to avoid your dog from DYING in a hot car:
- DO NOT take the dog(s) with you while you go to town to do errands in warm, hot weather. If "you" have to turn the air con on, roll down your windows while driving, or wear very light clothing; it is TOO HOT FOR YOUR DOG(s) TO GO WITH YOU. STOP IT!!!

-if you do not listen to the above and decide to take the dog(s) anyway, BRING COLD BOTTLE WATER and BOWL and pour the water into the bowl so the dog has access to it while you are in a COOL PLACE doing errands.

-if you do not listen to the first suggestion and STILL take your dog with you on warm/hot days, then PARK IN THE FREAKING SHADE and ROLL THE WINDOWS MORE THAN JUST AN INCH OR TWO. Dogs with flat faces are ESPECIALLY PRONE to HEAT STROKE and related issues!!!! I seen many times drivers who have dogs with them and NOT THINKING((of course)) not only leave their dogs in the hot car, but park where the SUN IS BEATING THROUGH THE WINDSHIELD, making a bad situation worse!!!!! REALLY?

-Bottom line with heat, if it is too warm for you, it is EXCESSIVELY TO WARM/HOT FOR YOUR DOG. THINK BEFORE you take them with you PLEASE!!!!!!!

-Common sense once again. If "you" are cold, miserable, etc. from the cold/freezing/wet weather, then your dog/cats are TOO! Bring them inside((and I don't mean a freezing garage either!!!!!

-provide WARM shelter((dog house with DRY blankets and even a well constructed heater in place)) if the dog/cat MUST remain outside.

-provide FRESH, UNFROZEN, I REPEAT UNFROZEN, water((this may mean changing it several time per day...if so...just do it))

-provide EXTRA FOOD; putting on weight during the cold/wet/freezing months is a GOOD THING. NATURE does it, why can't "you" let your dog/cat do it too.


-carry pen/pencil/paper to leave notes((provided it is not a life/death situations)) on windshields, and sometimes even at their residence((door)) reminding them what is safe. 

-I carry something in my trunk that could/would break a car window if the situation was critical and needed it. ((yes, I would go to jail for an animal in distress)). I would ALSO be calling 911 and letting THEM know what is going on.

-if I see mistreatment at a residence, left a note, and nothing is done, I will notify the Human Society and keep calling every day or several times a day until something is done. If THAT doesn't work, I will go rescue the animal myself((again, I would risk going to jail to save an animal in a heartbeat))

SUMMARY: THINK ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL about the weather conditions, and make wise, thoughtful, and considerate decisions based on that. Play the "if" game; be conscientious of your surroundings and your pets needs; be VIGILANT, STAND UP, SAY SOMETHING, and BE THE VOICE FOR THOSE WHO DON'T HAVE ONE! Be safe, have fun, enjoy life with your fur-family members.


~Tina Bailey~
~EverythingFurryPlus, LLC~

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9 APR 2014-NAILS

As part of good health practices it is important to check the length of the nails of a pet on a regular basis. Letting nails grow too long for an extended length of time can cause issues with the feet, legs, and even the nerves associated with them. Nail trimming is NOT just for dogs/cats, but can include: ferrets((nails grow FAST)), birds((this can include beak trimming)), horses, goats, sheep, and even pigs((indoor type)). Pets such as Chickens should also be trimmed ONLY if they are going to be around children, or kept primarily indoors.

I will only touch basis with dog/ferret/cat here. I also have a pot belly pig named TOBY who received his FIRST hoof trim a few weeks ago; needless to say, we needed hearing protection to complete the job! LOL

-FERRETS- their nails grow very rapidly and usually need to be trimmed about 1x/month or less. If it is NOT done, they can get their nails caught on something and in the effort to free themselves, will cause damage by jerking the nail out by the quick. Very dangerous, and ill advise! To trim Ferrets nails, all you need is regular nail clippers, some ferret oil, and quick hands. Put oil on their tummies, and quickly and efficiently clip nails. Easy-piesy.

-CATS-If you do NOT mind your furniture being scratched upon, then clipping your cats nails will not be an issue. However, due to the fact that the nails of a cat are extremely sharp, even in play, they can hurt. Finding the best technique for clipping their claws can be a hassle. But with patience, it can be done. All you need is regular nail clippers. Sometime having another person hold the cat may make the process easier. DECLAWING a cat is an option for some people. However, know that this process is very painful for the pet, and can lead to complications.

-DOGS-There are several over the counter nail clippers specifically designed for dogs. However, based on MY own experience, I have switched from using clippers to grinding instead. I DO use regular nail clippers on very small breeds, where using them is a more effective method. Many dogs are afraid of the sound/vibration of the grinder. However, once again, with patience you can teach your dog to accept and be very still during the process. Touching their feet every chance you get and making it a positive experience and/or rewarding acceptable behavior is a start. For dogs who NEVER have had grinding done, it may take weeks to complete the process if you do it yourself by only doing 1-2 nails at a time. ADVANTAGES of using grinding method over clipping is:
*Less likely to encounter a quick-especially for dark nails
*No pain when grinding as associated with the squeezing of clippers or accidently getting the quick

PLEASE keep an eye on how long the nails get on your pet. Good grooming habits, practice, and patience, will really benefit the overall health of your pet. GOOD LUCK and happy clipping!!!


~Tina Bailey~
~EverythingFurryPlus, LLC~